Pregnancy Massage

In pregnancy, the body experiences many changes. Massage during pregnancy can help alleviate complaints such as lower back and hip pain, neck tension, leg cramping, swollen feet and ankles, and overall fatigue. Each session is deeply relaxing, and tailored to work on the areas that you’d like to address.

A supportive sidelaying position with luxurious supportive pillows are used for the mum to be, to ensure the most comfort and relaxation for mum and baby during your session. 
This appointment is for women at any stage of pregnancy. It is recommended that you attend a pregnancy massage after your most recent antenatal appointment. Please state your stage of pregnancy in the notes section at time of booking.

How to Prepare for Your Pregnancy Massage Treatment:
- Drink plenty of water before and after your massage
- Arrive 5-10 minutes early, so you have time to relax, sit and listen to the birds and water fountain and discuss any goals you have for the session and specify areas you’d like to focus on.
- Let Erin know about any medical conditions, any problems related to this pregnancy or previous pregnancies and/or anything you feel is important to the session, and feel free to ask questions.